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What is Low E Glass?

“Low-E” stands for “low emissivity.” Emissivity is a measure of a surface’s ability to absorb or reflect far-infrared radiation. The lower the emissivity value, the higher the far-infrared reflection.

Infrared radiation is that which is sensed by the body as heat. Far-infrared radiation is radiated from objects (both inside and outside the home) that have been heated by the original radiation from the sun or heated in other ways.

Low e windows have gained popularity in recent years. While low e windows do a great job in some situations, they are not the complete answer to most homeowners’ needs. The sun’s rays contain ultra-violet, visible, and near-infrared radiation.

Low e windows transmit almost all of this radiation from the sun but reflect longer, far-infrared wavelengths. Low e glass windows are your cost and energy efficient solution to your home and office window systems.

The benefits of low e glass windows are:

  • Low e glass windows minimizes the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light
  • Achieves maximum visible light transmission through low e glass windows
  • Low e glass windows protects you form ultraviolet light
  • Low e glass windows are energy and cost efficient
  • You can use low e windows for both commercial and residential applications
  • Low e glass windows insulate better than regular glass

Do Low E Windows Protect Me From UV Damage?

Many homeowners believe they have adequate UV protection with lowe windows. While it is true that lowe windows do perform better than standard windows, the amount of UV radiation transmitted is still many times that of windows retrofitted with solar control film. There are other causes of fading to consider.

Today, almost all low e windows are dual pane systems. Filming these low e windows will not ruin their low-e properties.

When considering low e glass windows, the features you’ll enjoy include:

  • Low e windows are energy efficient because they reflect, absorb, and emit radiant energy
  • Low e windows are cost efficient and perform better than normal glass
  • Low e windows are designed to block heat, not light
  • You can enjoy maximum light and avoid heat with our low e windows
  • Low e windows protect carpets and fabrics from fading

Are Low E Glass Windows Compatible with Solar Window Film?

Solar window film on lowe glass windows are perhaps the best complete protection available. Low e glass windows will provide heat loss reduction, and the film will significantly reduce the solar heat gain. In addition, low e glass windows will provide glare reduction and block 99.9% of damaging UV rays.

Low e glass windows contain the following features:

  • Low e glass windows cut summer cooling costs and reduce energy expenses
  • Enjoy plenty of indoor lighting and block fading with low e glass windows
  • Low e glass windows provide ultimate energy and savings
  • Low e glass windows cut the winter heat loss to keep your room warm

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