SheerWeave Shades Diffuse Light and Reduce Glare

SheerWeave shades are simply stylish and promote energy efficiency for your rooms. SheerWeave shades are engineered to diffuse incoming light, reduce glare, minimize the amount of heat entering your room, and increase your comfort.

The filtering weave, or mesh structure, on the fabric controls the incoming heat and light into the room. SheerWeave shades inhibit the growth of mildew, bacteria, and mold and bestow antibacterial protection.

Our SheerWeave shades come in a variety of weaves and a wide range of colors and fabrics. All our SheerWeave shades have the required characteristics to promote energy efficiency, complement your interiors, and maintain a healthier environment.

  • SheerWeave shades diffuse incoming light and reduce glare

  • Heat gain in the room is controlled by SheerWeave shades

  • SheerWeave shades protect interior furnishings from fading

  • SheerWeave shades provide both daytime privacy and an external view

  • SheerWeave shades meet or surpass flame resistance standards

  • SheerWeave shades inhibit growth of bacteria and fungi

Fabric Shades Come in a Variety of Weaves, Colors and Fabrications

Fabric shades offer environmental benefits along with style. Fabric shades help in controlling the light entering the room and also provide acoustic benefits. With fabric shades, you can rest or concentrate on your work peacefully. Fabric shades are suitable for both residential and commercial environments.

Fabric shades are available in a variety of weaves, colors, and fabrications. We offer fabric shades that are:

  • Stylish

  • Maintenance free

  • Durable

  • Suitable for regular use

  • Easy to clean

Add a sophisticated look to your rooms, doors, and windows with our fabric shades. Whether you want to block the light completely or partially, we have the right fabric shades for you.

All our fabric shades are affordable and will complement the interiors of your rooms.Fabric shades both for commercial and residential use are available with us. If it is difficult for you to choose the right fabric shades for your home or office, our designers are can help you.

Fabric Roller Shades * Benefits for the Home or Business Owner

Fabric roller shades are most popular for saving energy. The additional layer of insulation of fabric roller shades helps protect against heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Fabric roller shades help in saving energy and are beneficial for you.


  • Block light fully or partly in a sheer way with fabric roller shades

  • Fabric roller shades provide ultimate privacy

  • Fabric roller shades are inexpensive

  • Fabric roller shades are simple and elegant

  • Fabric roller shades are convenient to use

We offer fabric roller shades in variety of colors, designs, materials, and insulations. We offer both readymade and customized fabric roller shades for home and office.

Call ABC Sun Control for some of the best fabric roller shades in the greater Seattle area.