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Solar Shades are a viable solution to transitional sun problems with the ability to retract the solar shade under milder conditions. Shades are a transparent window shade that allows a view of the outside world while rejecting 99% of the sun's harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays, 80% of the sun's energy and reduces up to 99% of unwanted glare for improved vision and less fatigue and are often the answer for harsh glare on TV and computer screens. Providing protection from skin damage and reduced allergen exposure, available in different levels of reflectivity, Shades, maintain daytime privacy and reduce fading. Shades feature embossed patterns in three categories that enhances appearance from both interior and exterior views with exceptional durability and resilience. Traditional solids are available in five basic colors and a variety of color combinations. Shades - windows in a whole new light - made with LLumar® Technology.

Solar Shades offer performance and protection benefits combined with the opportunity to conserve on energy costs- all while preserving a view of the outside.

  • Reject 99% of sun's harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays

  • Reject up to 80% of sun's energy

  • Reduce up to 97% of unwanted glare for improved vision, less fatigue

  • Provide tasteful interior and exterior appearance

  • Maintain daytime privacy

  • Protect fading of interior furnishings

  • Offer choices in levels of reflectivity based on performance needs

  • Protection from skin damage

  • Conserve energy costs

  • Maintain transparent view of the outside


Energy-efficient transparent shades are the ultimate choice for controlling natural light and creating interior comfort and protection. Unlike any others in the marketplace, solar shades offer the flexibility to merge with the outdoors while conserving energy and protecting from heat, glare, fading and harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Because shades are tailored to each customer's specific performance needs, the style, color and levels of shading and daytime privacy are a matter of preference. Now, what could be more pleasant than viewing the world in a whole new light!

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Solar Shade Configurations

Customized to Perform.

Shades are designed to meet individual customer needs in performance, form and function. Customized features include the various configurations shown here. Should there be different requirements, the company is committed to working with customers to offer solutions.

Regular Roll or Reverse Roll

This describes how a shade's material rolls off the top of the roller. Regular Roll allows the material to roll down from the rear of the shade. For a Reverse Roll, the material will roll over the front of the shade and is used if there is an obstacle in the window such as a crank handle. Regular Roll is standard unless requested.

Tapered Shade

This configuration allows for windows with a different top angle to bottom angle. The bottom portion of the shade must always be smaller than the top of the shade.

Two-On-One Cassette

Two shades that open and close independently, sharing the same cassette. An option for side-by-side windows or wide windows where individual operations are preferred.

Vinyl Roller Shade

For light filtering and room darkening. Exposed roller and clutch.

Available in solids:



Antique White

Black/White (White or Black facing in or out- specify when ordering)

Weight Bar and Chain in White or Black.