Window Coverings and Solar Shades for Sun Protection

Roll Ease Clutch systems are used on all window coverings for smooth, precise raising and lowering, designed to hold shade at the desired height. Clutch roller shades come with universal mounting brackets that may be used for all types of mounting and window coverings. Roller shades can be mounted for either right or left-hand operation.

Roller shades are a viable solution to transitional sun problems with the ability to retract the solar shade under milder conditions. Roller shades are a transparent window shade that allows a view of the outside world while rejecting 99% of the sun's harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Roller shade window coverings provide protection from skin damage and reduced allergen exposure.

The benefits of rollers shades include:

  • Roller shades protect you from UV rays that cause the fading of furniture

  • You can enjoy the view of the outside with roller shades as window coverings

  • Roller shades can be used for all types of window coverings

  • Roller shades as window coverings provide protection form skin damage

  • Roller shades as window coverings do not change the appearance of your home

  • Right or left hand operation is available with roller shades as your window coverings

Roller Shades Reject 99% of the Sun's Harmful Ultraviolet Rays

Your window shade should provide protection against harmful UV rays but also not block your view of the outside. Roller shades are the perfect window shade solution.

Roller shades provide window coverings that protect your interior furnishings from fading, from skin damage, conserves energy costs, and maintains a transparent view of the outside.

  • A roller window shade rejects up to 80% of sun's energy

  • Reduce up to 97% of unwanted glare with roller shades

  • A roller window shade has a tasteful interior and exterior appearance

  • Maintain daytime privacy with roller shades as your window coverings

Roller Window Shade Benefits to the Home or Business Owner

Each roller window shade is designed to meet individual customer needs in performance, form, and function. Customized features include the various configurations shown here. Should there be different requirements, our company is committed to working with you to offer solutions.

  • Receive custom window shade solutions

  • Receive easy and quick installation of your window shade choices

  • Conserve energy costs with your window shade installations

  • Window shade installations with warranty protection

ABC Sun Control, Inc. serves the greater Seattle area, providing window shade solutions for your home or business.