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Window Film Warranty for Residential and Commercial Windows

At ABC Sun Control, we care for our customers with our customer friendly service and warranties.

Although our products are standard and durable, there are slim chances of defects or the window film not functioning as expected. But this fear should not stop you from buying. We back our customers with our window film warranty program.

Our relationship with you doesn’t end with the purchase of our products. We continue to support you through our window film warranty program. Whether it is for your house or business, we provide comprehensive window film warranties to assist when needed.

Our window film warranty includes:

  • Residential window film warranty for limited lifetime
  • Residential installation window film warranty against factory defects for limited lifetime
  • Commercial window film warranty for 5 to 10 years
  • Commercial manufacturer based installation window film warranty for 5 to 10 years

Enjoy our products with the peace of mind of our window film warranty.

During the window film warranty period, if the product is found defective or doesn’t maintain the reflective properties as expected, we will replace the required film and install it free of labor cost.

Kindly retain our window film warranty card as we service only to the original customer on whose name the product was purchased. Our window film warranty is not transferable.

Window Glass Warranty Offered by Window Film Manufacturers

Glass is covered under the window glass warranty offered by window film manufacturers. Sometimes, the excess heat on the film causes the pane or the window on which it is attached to break. However, some window manufacturer’s voided their customer’s warranties if the window glass broke because of window film or any other window treatments.

The customers were indirectly denied their window glass warranty benefits.

Our window film manufacturer’s curb such situations through a comprehensive window glass warranty program that enables customers to enjoy the benefits of the original window manufacturer’s warranty.

Our window glass warranty program includes:

  • Residential limited lifetime window glass warranty against breakage of glass
  • 5 years limited commercial window glass warranty against thermal failure
  • 5 years limited commercial window glass warranty against seal failure

Why Our Window Glass Warranty Helps the Consumer

When you have a window glass warranty program, why worry about the use of window film or the window? Our window glass warranty helps you:

  • Enjoy the original window manufacturer’s warranty
  • Enjoy various window treatments without hesitation
  • Have peace of mind with our window glass warranty

Enjoy our products with guaranteed satisfaction. ABC Sun Control, Inc. serves the greater Seattle area.