3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film Produces More Natural Light

Daylight is preferred to artificial lighting by nearly everyone. With a 3M™ daylight redirecting film installation you can bring free light into the interior of your commercial business that offers vast potential for conserving energy!

We are experienced in 3M™ daylight redirecting film installation that brings light deeper into the building interior spaces by actually changing the direction of light as it streams through windows. In fact, daylight redirecting window film can potentially increase the daylighting zone up to threefold in a perimeter space while also reducing or controlling glare.

These installations of 3M™ daylight redirecting window film provide:

  • Glare reduction

  • Movement of additional natural light to interior occupant spaces

  • Blockage of damaging ultraviolet rays

Additional benefits of daylight redirecting window film are that it requires no maintenance or cleaning, and 3M™ daylight redirecting film works even when the sun is at a low angle!

But perhaps the greatest benefit of having 3M™ daylight redirecting window film installed in your commercial interior is the reduction in energy usage and utility bills.

Call ABC Sun Control for a free estimate or product advice on how to reduce the need for artificial lighting that will save money with installation of daylighting film.

Reduce Electric Lighting with 3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film

Artificial light consumes the greater part of energy in a commercial building.

Our experienced team can provide 3M™ daylight redirecting window film that will provide a daylighting system with natural and free light as an excellent alternative for conserving energy consumed by artificial light.

The conclusion of research studies is that applying 3M™ daylight redirecting film to windows of commercial buildings to introduce sunlight has vast potential for conserving energy by reducing electric lighting.

This technology of micro-replication, commonly known as daylight redirecting window film, to redirect light that would normally hit the floor a few feet from the window up to the ceiling allowing light into the room as deep as 40 feet from the window can:

  • Reduce your dependence on electric lighting

  • Provide up to 52% lighting energy savings compared to baseline usage

  • Redirect as much as 80% of light up onto the ceiling

  • Increase employee productivity

  • Provide a cost effective retrofit

Call us to learn how a 3M™ daylight redirecting film installation can provide lighting energy savings, increased building values, greater visual comfort especially for those using computer screens, and improved employee productivity.

Why Choose Us for Daylight Redirecting Window Film Installation?

We take pride in our association with 3M™ as a certified window film dealer to install their daylight redirecting window film in commercial buildings and institutions.

As a member of their prestigious dealer network we are provided with the opportunity of helping our clients reduce their carbon footprint, increase productivity in their workplace, and save money on their energy bills with a 3M™ daylight redirecting film installation.

When comparing existing light reflecting strategies, 3M™ daylight redirecting film is the product of choice because it is easily integrated into new or existing windows with no additional hardware or infrastructure.

With the installation of daylight redirecting window film you will also contribute to a cleaner environment by reducing the carbon footprint of your company.

These are reasons to choose us for 3M™ daylight redirecting film installation:

  • Expert consultation, product advice and recommendations

  • Professional installations of daylight redirecting window film by a skilled team

  • Free estimates

  • A strong 3M™ window film warranty

  • High quality workmanship

  • Customer service excellence

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