Glass Fragment Retention Film for Added Protection

We have deployed glass fragment retention film and window security film on numerous government facilities throughout the greater Seattle area.

Acts of burglary, vandalism, civil unrest, and terrorism incur a staggering toll on both lives and property. If you are responsible for the integrity of a building, you know its weakest point: windows.

Our glass fragment retention film and window security film provides protection for windows. Our glass fragment retention film can be easily installed on the interior of the glass to provide virtually invisible protection.

  • Our glass fragment retention filmis made with advanced technology

  • Our glass fragment retention film is designed to hold broken glass in place

  • Our glass fragment retention film comes with impact resistance properties

  • Our glass fragment retention film provides protection against most damage

  • You can also enjoy sun control with our glass fragment retention film

Glass Fragment Retention, Shatter Proof, and Anti Intrusion Films

Multiple layers of strong, clear, special grade polyester film are bonded together with a unique adhesive to form a shield that holds glass in place.

Yet for all its strength and durability, our glass fragment retention film has outstanding optical clarity.

Also available are glass fragment retention film attachment systems that can add even more protection. All of our glass fragment retention film products block much of the sun's harmful UV rays, protecting health and reducing fading.

Solar control safety films add high-performance in addition to security. Up to 79% of the sun's solar energy can be rejected, saving energy and reducing HVAC expenses.

The advantages of window security film include:

  • Blocks harmful UV rays with glass fragment retention film

  • The highest level of protection possible with window security film

  • Window security film acts as first your line of defense for your building

  • Window security film helps hold glass in place upon impact

Window Security Film for Corporate and Retail Buildings

n a disaster, flying glass and windborne debris does most of the damage. Broken panes injure occupants. Furnishings, carpeting, and computers are frequently ruined to the point of replacement.

Businesses suffer downtime, lost revenue, and countless opportunities they can never recover. But you can be prepared with our window security film.

Get shatterproof safety window film and enjoy:

  • Window security film helps to protect against flying shards of glass

  • Window security film gives you protection against natural disasters

  • Window security film keeps you safe from unwanted intrusions

ABC Sun Control, Inc. serves in great Seattle area to provide you with strong window security film.