Guard your information—and your people—with LLumar® Signal Defense Security Film.

Electronic Assets: Secure or Susceptible?
Your information is valuable. And it's not unrealistic to think that someone is trying to get their hands on it. To prevent this, your organization may employ security measures that range from commonplace to exotic.

The proliferation of decentralized client-server computing environments and the use of wireless LANs, work stations, laptops, cell phones, Bluetooth technology and PDAs has allowed data to be readily accessible virtually anywhere. Even the most sophisticated InfoSec methods of securing your electronic assets within the network are susceptible to surveillance once data is displayed. It's the Achilles heel of any IT security strategy.

Radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) signals generated from electronic and voice devices within a building "leak" through the glass windows to the outside world, introducing a significant security threat.

This RF/IR signal leakage allows unauthorized parties to monitor, eavesdrop, record and steal confidential and valuable electronic information and voice conversations from an organization even though encryption and other cyber security protections have been deployed.

Your Information Technology. Our Film Technology.
RF and IR signals leakage can be blocked by deploying LLumar Signal Defense SD 10000 Security Film on windows and glass portions of the building, offering upwards of 35 dB attenuation to wireless signals. If wireless signals are not accessible to others, then miscues with respect to LAN encryption, authentication, VPN, and firewall rules can still be protected until they are corrected.

Consider it a necessary precaution to ensure that privileged and confidential information remains just that.

Secure. And Green.
Protection of your electronic assets should be your primary reason for selecting LLumar Signal Defense Security Film. But it pays for itself in other ways. For instance, the SD1000 film has the highest TSER rating of any product worldwide, making it a great choice for LEER certified buildings. Plus, it reduces harmful and damaging electromagnetic interference (EMI) emissions to provide your staff with a healthier and safer work environment.

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