Security Window Film Can Reduce Unwanted Intrusion and Vandalism

Glass is the weakest link in your building. Reduce unwanted intrusions and vandalism with ABC Sun Control safety and security window tinting films. They meet all GSA-Federal/DOD standards.

Increase your office security and safety with our security window film. Our security window film options are anti-intrusion, shatterproof, glass fragment retention films.

If you are responsible for the integrity of your home or workplace, you know its weakest points are the windows.

Get security window film for the following benefits:

  • Protect from break-ins and severe weather events with our security window film

  • Security window film reduce potential injury from flying glass during severe weather

  • Security window film provides a stronger barrier against criminal activity

  • Security window film does not change your building’s appearance

Safety Window Film for Added Protection on Commercial Buildings

Glass fragment retention films (safety and security window film) are easily installed on the interior of the glass and provide virtually invisible protection.

Also, safely window film provides attachment systems that can add even more protection and are a cost effective way to meet federal safety standards.

Our glass fragment retention films and safety window film products block much of the sun's harmful UV rays, protecting health and reducing fading.

We offer solar control safety and security film that adds high-performance in addition to security. Up to 79% of the sun's solar energy can be reflected, saving energy and reducing HVAC expenses.

The benefits of safety window film include:

  • Safety window film protects you from hurricanes, accidents, and vandalism

  • Safety window film provides almost invisible protection

  • Safety window film blocks 97% of the sun's infrared rays

Shatter Proof Window Film for Enhanced Interior Safety

We provide shatter proof security window film to enhance your home’s security. With our safety window film, you will get full protection against unwanted intrusions.

Get shatterproof safety window film and enjoy:

  • Protection from criminal activity with shatterproof safety window film

  • Safety window film allows most of the visible light through your windows

  • Your safety window film won’t change the appearance of your window

Keep your home or office secure from unwanted intrusions and natural disasters with our high quality safety window film and security window film.

ABC Sun Control, Inc. provides security window film and safety window film for greater Seattle residents and businesses.